CreditGuru helps you deliver better business results through better financial management.

Our consultancy led suite of services ensures you not only have the right plan, but also the right people and the right tools to boost your business through better cashflow management.

We offer a suite of solutions covering four essential facets of any organisation





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Risk Management within Credit is a pivotal tool and vital for protecting the financial well being of your company.

The recent credit crunch and ensuing companies going into receivership or administration can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and unfortunately serve as a reminder of the importance of carefully managing credit risk.

These costs can significantly increase risk portfolio monitoring; inefficient credit and collection processes; and have a negative impact on ineffective technology.


At CreditGuru™, the interests of our clients come first. Through tailored solutions that match the specific requirements of your organisation, we tap into the expertise of respected in-house and third party management professionals. The focus at all times is on business strategies that are informed by robust statistical analyses and which deliver measurable returns on investment. In so doing, we nurture organisational relationships and business partnerships that contribute to long-term business success.


CreditGuru™ has a proven record of transforming businesses and increasing their cash flow and profitability.

Let us help your business take advantage of better process management and superior employee engagement, along with access to our skills and industry connections. You will notice the difference:

  • enhanced revenue streams
  • drive business improvements
  • increased customer satisfaction levels
  • mitigate risk
  • build networks
  • recruit the best employees
  • educate managers and teams

This whole-of-operation approach contributes to successful outcomes across your entire organisation.

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