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Emagia Corporation

Helping Businesses Gain Control
on their Cash Flow

Working capital is the lifeblood of any business. Companies today are faced with unprecedented levels of risks from several fronts - turbulent global economy, rapidly changing business environments, demand to venture into emerging markets, challenging shifts in business models.

There is an increased need on managing working capital more efficiently and intelligently. Smart Working Capital management enables enterprises to figure out their short-term cash flow needs and Cash flow from operations is the biggest untapped source for this vital resource. The ability to effectively manage, predict and control cash inflows and outflows is critical in order to achieve profitability in today's challenging business climate.

Emagia brings the combined power of innovation in business intelligence and nimbleness with advanced process automation to credit and collections processes. This comprehensive credit and collections management solution empowers both finance executives and credit & collections professionals to intelligently drive operational performance to new heights.

Emagia Corporation is a leading provider of Enterprise Receivables Management Suite focused on maximizing cash flow from operations. Our flagship Credit-to-Cash Management solutions have proven success worldwide helping customers to maximize profitable growth, reduce credit risk, maximize cash flow from receivables and optimize working capital.

For over a decade, Emagia is in the business of delivering highly innovative and sophisticated technology solutions for its customers to intelligently transform, automate and optimize credit-to-cash processes. The objectives of these technology deployments align strategically with customers’ objectives of maximizing credit and collections efficiencies while enhancing customer, employee and stakeholders’ positive experience.

Deployed across several companies world-wide, Emagia Receivables Management Suite, comprising of Collections Management, Receivables Management, Deductions Management, Cash Application, and Analytics, has served as the platform for managing credit and collections departments, shared service centers as well as global and dispersed AR operations for many large Fortune 2000 organizations.

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