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CreditGuru™ has clients in the FMCG, IT manufacturing and Telco industries, ranging from multinational blue chip corporations to small niche organisations.

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Who Are We?

The Managing Director, of the CreditGuru™, is David Hall, a credit and collections management expert with extensive experience in the finance and IT sectors coupled with a Black Belt in Six Sigma.

A former Australian Institute of Credit Management president for New South Wales, David has the ability to demystify the world of credit management. He assists chief financial officers and financial controllers at blue-chip companies and SME’s as they tackle operational issues such as cash-flow management, risk analysis and business re-engineering. A black belt in Six Sigma – the acclaimed management strategy behind the rise of the Motorola Corporation – David uses this knowledge to identify and remove defects in business processes.

In a former role, he oversaw the realignment of “managing by process” within the global invoice to collection structure at technology giant Sun Microsystems.

He also has had many years experience in the implementation of quality initiatives including leadership, process improvement, and Six Sigma. A common area that David has focused on is root cause analysis and the implementation and execution of change management.

Specialties include:

  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Credit & Collection Management
  • Team Coach, Leader and Public Speaker
  • Project, Staff, Vendor Management
  • Deep Process and Analytical Skills
  • Cost reduction initiatives
  • Outsourcing & off-shoring
  • Process Improvement/ re- engineering
  • We are Visionary, Creative and Realistic


  • Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM) MICM
  • President - AICM NSW 2003 - 2007
  • Vice President AICM, 2002 – 2003
  • Councillor AICM, 2001-2002


  • Credit Management in Australia Magazine
    • May 2002 “Credit and Sales, Friend/ Foe?”
    • February 2003 “Profit and loss statements, how well do you know your customer?”
  • Australian Financial Review
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